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Hello and thank you for visiting the site. I’m Dave Pektas.  I have more than a decade experience with digital marketing, and more specifically search engine marketing. I also worked as a traditional media director at large ad agencies for blue chip clients. I am fully certified with Google and Bing and have an MBA from University of Central Florida. My current experiences include working in-house as a white label solution for virtual ad agencies and directly with clients. While most of my current clients spend between $4,000-$100,000 per month on digital media, I also excel at providing value for clients with much smaller media budgets.

Here’s a few things I’d like you to know about working with me:

Limited Clients
I am not looking to scale to become a large agency with 300+ clients. Instead, I am focused on doing great work with great companies. I currently have capacity to take on a couple new clients.

Your Strategies Are Your Own
Your strategies are tailored to your business and to your goals. I will not work with businesses who are competitors of current clients.

Total Transparency
Setting clear expectations and timely communication are highly valued, and can be overlooked by agencies or by a more junior freelancer/consultant. I strive to make you feel like I am truly your partner.

I can work with you on a flat fee or hourly rate. They are reasonable, but do reflect my experience. Some agencies have more than doubled my rates when charging their clients for my services.


Some of my current and previous clients include: